About Grantific

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Mission Statement

Grantific is a division of Living Colors & Expressions (LC&E), a comprehensive creative consultancy based in St. Louis, Missouri. As the grant-consulting arm of LC&E, Grantific helps nonprofits in the Midwest discover and secure new grant funding opportunities to effectively build strong, flourishing communities.

At Grantific, we don’t just believe in doing good work; we believe in doing it together. Our division was founded on a set of core values – civic responsibility, collaboration, professionalism, and excellence – that guide everything we do. We’re committed to working with organizations that share these values to create a brighter world for all.

As Helen Keller once said, “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” It’s this spirit of partnership and shared purpose that drives us every day and inspires us to go above and beyond to help our clients achieve their goals.

“Everyone has a purpose in life… a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.” —Deepak Chopra

Meet Our Founder

Elisa Eaton

Elisa Eaton

Founder & Lead Grant Consultant

Elisa Eaton is the founder and lead grant consultant at Grantific. She brings over 20 years of professional writing, editing, and content marketing expertise to the team. From her early years studying creative writing and publishing to her award-winning work in public relations, Elisa has honed her craft in telling impactful stories about organizations.

Some of her most rewarding work occurred while she worked as a Communications Specialist with the Bridgeport Board of Education in Connecticut. Alongside her sister, Gina, and other department members, Elisa managed and cultivated the district’s internal and external communication and developed a three-year brand-building strategy to promote district events, initiatives, and achievements. Their work on the print and email newsletter, as well as the Superintendent’s yearly convocation video, won the CABE (Connecticut Boards of Education) Award of Excellence for Educational Communications.

Elisa believes in the transformative power of creativity and the written word, and she enjoys using her talents to help nonprofit organizations achieve their goals through grant writing. In her free time, Elisa can be found tinkering with a new creative project, immersed in a book, TV show, or video game, or she’s snuggling cats.


Gina Eaton

Gina Eaton

Lead Copyeditor

Gina Marie Eaton is the lead copyeditor of Grantific. She leverages her expertise to refine and strengthen our client’s grant proposals, ensuring they are clear, concise, and compelling.

The New England-based writer and editor began her career at the largest school district in Connecticut, producing highly-targeted marketing campaigns for the district’s 140,000 stakeholders. She’s also proofread, fact-checked, and transcribed high-quality content for various small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

Every step of the way, Gina’s style aims for elegant minimalism, where “perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” With a strategist’s eye and a storyteller’s heart, her fine-tuned aesthetic promises to make every word count.

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